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It won’t?

Mitch McConnell doesn’t think “this” Health Care Bill will ever go to the Senate floor for a vote.  The very one that Olympia Snowe voted for in committee.  The fact is that he is technically correct in that that specific bill won’t make it to the Senate floor, as it is to be merged with the other Senate version.  But that merged bill will then go to the floor for a vote, so lets not sugar coat anything here.  The Democrats controlled the committee 13-9, so Congresswoman Snowe’s vote in the negative would not have held this up longer than it already had been in any regard, yet her yes vote added a modicum of cover to Democrats trying vainly thus far to cast this bill as a bi-partisan effort.

It’s also an outrage.  In her belief, “it’s a good place to start“, but I, and millions of others like me disagree.  I want everyone to have good quality health care, but what we’ve seen thus far, and what we will undoubtedly see in the future is an egregiously expensive program that will not deliver on the promise to cover everyone, and is only a starting point as far as Democrats are concerned.  Understand this, many liberals are outraged that a “public option” is not currently included in this health care bill, and they will never cease fighting to enact such a system.  What is expected to eventually pass Congress is a healthcare bill that does nothing more than force people that either do not need, do not want, or can not afford to purchase health insurance, to do so.  It will spread the cost of health coverage well beyond what plans typically do now and what we’re really talking about here is increasing cost on the young and healthy that do typically need such coverage.

I wonder how supportive those young and healthy will remain when they realize, and see in a very personal way, how the idle propoganda they spoke about and supported will actually affect them.  People, in large part, do not grasp how much in taxes they pay each yet.  In part because the government withholds federal, and state taxes.  And other taxes, like gasoline (excise) taxes, sales taxes, and “fees” are small in nature and collected periodically.  Taken together everything adds up to the tremendous amount of money every year, yet you hardly noticed until it was time to sit down and do your taxes.  Having to purchase health insurance out of your own pocket will be all together different and I’m convinced will lead to such a catterwalling that Congress will eventually enact something similiar to how they collect income taxes.  People will know governement is taking money, but since it comes out automatically they will eventually grow to be used to it, and eventually won’t even notice.  The next step after that will be to simply have the government provide health care.  The vaunted “universal” option that liberals want so badly because it works so well everywhere else.

Democrats are hiding behind the latest CBO scoring which gives the price tag for healthcare reform as $829 Billion dollars over 10 years.  Yet we all know how accurate previous estimates on government programs have been.  They are always universally more expensive than advertised.  We know this.  That $829 Billion–as if that were a small numeber to begin with–will balloon to something much larger and we all very well know it.  And what’s more, that $829 Billion will still leave millions without insurance.  It also relies on estimates that government will be able to cut some $400 Billion in medical costs through Medicare (has they ever been a program that actually saved money?), and an additional amount (nebulous, I know) through fines–you know, for those obstinate enough to refuse to purchase insurance. 

I have no idea why we are rushing to pass a law in a few months, that quite literally will affect 20% or more of our economy.  Doesn’t it seem that something so alarmingly large as that should actually be thought through, well vetted, and understood?  Not just by the very few who write said law in Congress, but by the public?  There’s the rub though, it’s that knowledge that Democrats don’t want the public to know.

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