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As if the White House wasn’t laughable enough

If you haven’t heard–and quite frankly you would have had to have been living under a rock the past week not to–the Obama White House has been pulling out all the stops recently to silence Fox News.  After all, it’s the only news outlet that has actually lobbed critical journalism at the socialist in chief.  ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the most liberal of them all, MSNBC, have actively been pulling for a man and cause they largely believe in.  It’s sickening to behold.

Journalism used to be a respectable profession, but beginning in the late 1960’s it began to be taken over by activists.  That trend hit a crescendo during the 1970’s and has broadened into a virtual strangle hold on the industry.  And if you simply didn’t notice the glowing, reverent, press afforded to Obama during the 2008 primaries and general election, then you missed quite a bit.  And the tenor of that press coverage largely continues though a slew–and I mean a SLEW–of information has been released through various groups related to the horrendous individuals that Obama has packed his administration with, and the organizations that he leverages in his attempts to get his agenda passed.  Acorn (and.., and..), SEIU (and.., and..) and many others.  It’s a web of corruption!  The individuals Obama associates with, and whom he stacked his administration with are the type of people that do not care about laws, our constitution, our society, or the long term damage they’re doing to our culture.  They’re activists and are focused solely on social “fairness”, wealth redistribution–because you know, your money isn’t your money.  You earned it off the backs of the poor and those poor deserve their “fair share”.

Unfortunately Fox News has dared to see the Obama administration for what it is.  And the liberals are hell bent to staunch the bad press now when their power is at its peak.

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