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Joe Scarborough laying it out there

Just watch and listen.

Political ideology colors everything, from the topics you cover, to how you cover them, to the words and phrases used.  Ask any political scientist how wording affects polling.  It’s all important, and it doesn’t take long to see for yourself how it does effect news coverage every day.

Take for instance the most recent Acorn story.  The major media outlets steered clear of it for the most part.  That is until it became so big on the conservative side that it simply couldn’t be ignored.  The major news outlets flippantly ignored it because they didn’t think there was anything there, and they ended up looking like fools.

The opposite side of the coin is when they try to make news.  Like CBS did with the false accusations against President Bush in regard to his Texas National Guard duty during Vietnam.  And of course, years of pushing negative stories about Iraq and ignoring any positive news to balance out that coverage.

Naturally I take any criticism against Fox News worth a grain of salt.

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