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Poor Polanski

Poor Roman Polanski.  The poor sod has to sit in jail while the U.S. Government works on the formal extradition paperwork that is due by November 25th.  I’m terribly upset that he has to be to, you know, held accountable for the rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1977.  An accountability that he has postponed for more than 30 years because he fled the United States before his sentencing and has been living on the run in France ever since.  Unfortunately for him, if he had simply accepted his accountability 30 years ago he would have finished serving out his 90 day (yes you heard that right, a whopping 90 days) sentence in jail and been on his merry way. Instead he is looking at a very different culture that does not simply turn a blind eye to sex with underage girls.  He’s looking at serious time now.  And at his age that amounts to life in prison.

I say he’s looking at a different culture, except of course for those morons who have signed petitions (and..)  to let this scofflaw off the hook.  Afterall, what he did wasn’t serious.  It’s only sex, right?  It’s not “rape, rape“.

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