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Whitehouse quest against Fox News

In the past two weeks the White House has pulled out all the stops in an attempt to marginalize Fox News, which hasn’t worked out all that well for them.  Not that you’d have noticed, as they apparently put their foot back in it as they refused to allow a Fox pool reporter to interview Ken Feinberg–AKA the “Pay Czar”, while simultaneously allowing other media to interview him.

Fortunately the other networks refused to interview unless Fox was included.  Which isn’t to say that I think they relish Fox News more than they did the day before, just that in this case they were bound by the rules of the pool system.  If other circumstances had been present I’m confident they would have happily let Fox News take it in the shorts.

Much more on it all at RedState.

All I have to say here is, be careful what you wish for Liberals.  Might find it biting you in the ass in the not so distant future.

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