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Healthcare insurer profits

I am so glad someone finally conducted this “Fact Check“, because listening to people like Nancy Pelosi, who called healthcare insurer profits “immoral”, one would believe the insurance market was the place to make real money.  The problem with that is that we now all officially know that Insurers make 6% or less profit.  Which of course means that the huge increases in premiums are attributable to other things like legal fees/malpractice and costs specifically associated with medicine.

The Democrats have fore-stalled tort reform for years, and it’s no wonder that the Trial Lawyers association is one of, if not the largest, contributors to the party.  Tort reform is a sticky issue for certain, but doing nothing is only feeding the beast that is healthcare.  Nothing the Democrats have proposed thus far will in any way slow, or even reverse the costly annual escalation of the cost of healthcare.  Don’t believe that?  The governments own economists say so.

Are you still convinced government is the best option for managing our healthcare?  Would they manage our healthcare better than they do our social security?  or education?

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