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Open letter to Bob McDonnell

I’m a Virginia resident, and tomorrow is an important day for us.  I’ve thought very long about this, and I’ve finally decided to vote for Bob McDonnell as Governor.  I’ve also decided to send him a letter.  Here is what it says.

Mr. McDonnell,

First I wanted you to know I was one of the many that voted for you to become Attorney General, and I have decided to vote for you as Governor. Although I am, and have been a strong Republican for twenty years my decision to vote for you was by no means a fait accompli. I am deeply troubled by the wanton spending, not only in Virginia, but nation wide. And it wasn’t just the Obama administration that brought about these feelings, but rather it began under the Bush administration.

I believe very strongly that government needs to act like any good family acts. It needs to live within it’s means, but that is a trait that government seems to have forgotten. I do not want lip service from government, or those who are running for it. I want real belief, acceptance, and adherence to it. Government is not here as the basis for our economy, it’s here as a our servant and I want you to understand that.

All too often we hear of “new revenue”, and hardly ever of “spending cuts”. It’s long past time government tightened its belt and did the peoples business with the money it’s given. Make due, or do without.

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