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Election day

Today is November 3rd, and it’s election day.  I had mentioned yesterday in an open letter to Bob McDonnel that I had made the decision to vote for him, but that it was a difficult one.  One that speaks to general distrust after so many disappointments.  But this year Republicans and conservatives have a real chance–perhaps the only real chance for a generation, to truly take back the momentum of politics in the U.S., and I can not escape this feeling that it will be squandered.

I absolutely loved President Bush.  As the man, I admired his determination, his faith, and his stance on principle.  I admired that when he said something you knew he believed it, and meant what he said.  That is so often not the case with politicians, who all too often are willing to stick their finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing and will say what ever they need to say in order to score points.  Well, I am not in the least interested in scoring points.  I’m interested in getting business done, but not just any business.  Principles matter to me.  And I detest the entitlement mentality that now permeates out society.  As I said, I loved President Bush, but his spending was reckless.  President Obama sees the reckless and raises it to a whole new level completely unthought of in the history of this country.  And quite frankly that scares the hell out of me.

Now is the time!  Now is the time for Republicans and conservatives to regain their belief in the ideals that truly made the Republican party great.  Ideals that President Regan embodied and which guided is life.  Ideals that made this country great.  Today is the day.  What happens after today is now an open question that only time will answer.

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