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Remembering George Bush

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Obama administration.  Naturally there was a great amount of discussion regarding the President’s accomplishments, but there were also plenty of questions regarding President Bush and his legacy.  Questions whether a reexamination of President Bush was in order.  I think there is.

I truly admired George Bush.  Which isn’t to say that I agreed with everything he said or did, but I respected his leadership a great deal.  I respect people, like President Bush, that say what they mean and mean what they say and don’t play the Washington game of wordsmithing.  Color me a simple man.  I understand that President Bush was not the most eloquent public speaker.  He often came across as “unintelligent” when speaking publicly with prepared remarks.  That was simply a product of his speaking style and his apparent unease in speaking publicly.  If you ever got a chance to see President Bush speak “in person” though – in other words, speaking without prepared remarks on a subject he cared about then you would know as I do that the widely-held impression of President Bush was undeserved.  

Of much greater importance in the bigger scheme of things are the principles of the man.  It’s very surprising to me the disparity in opinion on this matter, but in my view the President’s first priority is the defense of the nation, and its interests.  I say “and its interests” because the more liberally minded are more apt to desire the President to give accommodation to other nations and peoples, whereas I believe the President should only consider the interests of the American people.  If the interests of the American people are that we should be allies with another nation, then of course we need to act as true partners.  But that does not mean that we as a people should change our life style or our world diplomacy to suit the peoples of un-allied nations.  Iran, for example.

The more liberally minded would have us believe that Muslim lunatics kidnap and behead innocent civilians because our diplomacy make them do it.  I think that is absurd and is akin to saying poverty makes the impoverished commit crimes like robbery and murder.  What ever happened to the concept that we were all individually responsible for our actions?  When push comes to shove, what should matter to our President are the interests of the American people and nothing else.  Of course that infuriates the European nations that loathe the fact they have much less influence on world events than once they had but that is really more an issue with their socialistic cultures than with ours.  You can’t squeeze the competitive juices from your economies and expect to remain the economic powers of the world.  That’s a simple case of reality slapping you in the face Europe.  Get over it or fix your problems.

President Bush acted in just the way that I believe a President should.  His steadfastness and single-mindedness in advancing the American people’s interests above those of other nations that like to cast aspersions about is something we should admire, not disdain.  And I find it so ironic to see the Obama administration working so quietly now to forward much of the agenda that they so loudly lambasted during the 2008 Presidential campaign.  Whereas President Obama says one thing on the campaign trail and does something entirely different in the White House, President Bush said what he was going to do and then went ahead and did it.

Yes history, come quickly because a good man and a good President have not been well used and it is well past time that the record be set to rights.

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