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The global warming hits just keep on coming

Actually this has been something that has been discussed for some time now, but it is pulled together quite nicely in this article running in today’s Vancouver Sun.  It’s been known for some time that many of the temperature stations were located in areas that one would think would be off-limits, like on top of black-top, or near glass buildings, or similar areas.  Those stations give higher readings than stations that are not located near similar obstacles.  What I didn’t necessarily know was that on top of that they had also been pairing down the number of temperature readings that were being input into the database.  What this means is the “audit” of temperature data that was kicked off after the “climategate” scandal in December won’t be able to go far enough, as the database won’t actually contain all the temperature information that otherwise would have been available world-wide.  Makes one really wonder whether these Scientists are actually scientists, or just con-men who are out for job security rather than the advancement of science.

When one reads accounts of the IPCC report regarding the “melting Himalayan glaciers”, one tends to start leaning away from whether they are con-men and toward whether they are more likely incompetent zealots.  If you haven’t heard about this, the report was issued by the United Nations IPCC stating the Himalayan glaciers would be completely gone by the year 2035.  It turns out the information contained in the report wasn’t independently verified, but instead was based on, and relied upon an earlier magazine article.  That article it turns out was written based on supposition and wasn’t the product of any scientific study.  Yes, you read that right.  The official UN report was based on a magazine article that was written by someone who was purely guessing about a subject that he hadn’t actually studied.  No where but in the United Nations could such a thing happen, except in other Global Warming alarmist centers of power.

Earlier in the month a U.N. climate scientist was forced to accede that global temperatures were likely to continue their downward trend for the next 20-30 years, before reversing, bringing more of what people already knew – we have global cooling going on.  The next time you read a global warming story in the paper and are inclined to believe it, ask yourself this one question.  If the local weather man can not accurately predict the next days weather most of the time, how can a bunch of radical scientists determine with any certainty what is going to happen to the worlds climate over the course of the next 20-30 years?

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