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What part of this do they not understand?

I did not see the original comment that started this debate, however I did catch O’Reilly last night to witness the discussion referenced in this story.  Sorry Politico, but you are not a main stream media outlet and the vast majority of the country has never even heard of you, let alone read you.  Only politically attune news junkies — like myself — know your name, so do not take the statement above to be anything but acceptance of a reality.  It’s not an attack on what I consider to be a good news site.  Beyond that, anyone that does not recognize the fact that CBS, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post and the like have not run continuous bad coverage — when they have run it at all – is just ignorant.  Compare the MSM’s treatment of the Tea Party movement with their glowing and continual coverage of the “anti-war” protests of the Bush years.  Any protest that had as little as six attendees was covered by flocks of reporters and that coverage would be given continuous updates over days.  Yet a ground swell, grass-roots, movement like the Tea Party which featured hundreds of thousands of protestors in around the country last year wasn’t even covered by many MSM initially.  Days later the editor of the New York Times took a mea culpa over the matter, yet many others remained silent.

When Tea Party events receive coverage now it is often scathing or unflattering.  Completely unlike the coverage received by those anti-war protests in the waning days of the Bush administration.  And the MSM wonder why they are so distrusted?  When they bother to pull their heads out of the clouds at all, they have a chance to understand how a movement like the Tea Party movement can even begin, let alone swell to the proportions it has at present.

My advice to the MSM.  Keep on doing what you have been doing these past two or three decades.  Fox News is more than willing, and able, to tell the truth that you evidently are incapable of telling.

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