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You can always tell

The left always make it so easy to tell who they view as their most dangerous adversary.  Those they don’t collectively consider to be of any import what so ever are treated to total silence.  Its as if a void of attention were surrounding that person, yet for those the left collectively fear a completely different reaction becomes evident.  To those the left fear they are subjected to daily attacks.  Wide-spread, vociferous and often ugly and mean-spirited in nature.  And that is how you can tell that Sarah Palin is viewed as enemy number one by the left today.  No other politician in the United States has been subjected to the attacks that Sarah Palin has had to endure, from the initial rooting through family business and attacks on her oldest daughter, so rumor mongering that she was actually lieing about the paternity of her grand-child.  It’s been an endless tirade of attacks not just from the kooks but from the main stream media as well.

Conservative women, who embody and espouse moral virtue and speak against what has come to be the sole symbol of the modern feminist movement are not welcome in today’s popular culture.  Much like black men and women who do not subscribe to the victimization lifestyle the race-baiting poverty pimps have grown rich and fat from.  To the race-baiters people of color who march against the grain are simply “uncle toms”, but to the feminist movement and the liberal elite, conservative women are simply ignorant bimbos.  Ironic they tar and feather those they despise in the very terms and actions which they themselves have railed against for decades.

By now Sarah Palin is undoubtedly used to the daily attacks lobbed against her, yet I find the recent attacks — born of her keynote speech to the tea party movement over the weekend — to be incredulous.   The attacks, in my view, have been taken to an entirely new level as the White House press secretary Robert Gibbs mocked Sarah during his daily press briefing.  These people, who preach to us our need to be tolerant of others, are the most intolerant, bigoted, egotistical, smug, people you can even imagine

And all you who voted for Obama, what say you on that pledge to enact a new bi-partisanship in Washington?  What say you to hope and change?  Perhaps that hope and change can begin with yourselves?

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