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Stimulus plan II

The democrats aren’t calling the $100 Billion dollar Jobs Plan Stimulus II, but that’s what it is.  They’re intentionally calling it by another name as the negative connotations of the original Stimulus plan have hurt them in recent elections.  Now comes official word of what everyone but Democrats knew from the beginning, that the jobs plan won’t actually create any jobs.

There are two problems with the “Jobs Plan”.  The first is that it establishes a $5000 credit for small businesses that hire new people.  Businesses don’t hire people for tax credits.  They hire people because business requires it.  Most businesses are still suffering through a lackluster economy and are not expanding their businesses.  In fact most of them have been laying off people, if not going out of business entirely.  Any business that might be looking to hire new people will obviously look forward to this tax credit, but the vast majority of businesses won’t hire anyone they were not already plan on hiring.

Secondly, the “Jobs bill” spends just a few pages on the tax credit provisions.  The vast majority of the bill is what we’ve come to expect from Congress these, which is to say full of pork

See for yourself what this bill contains.

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