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Barney Frank on partisanship

Barney Frank thinks Washington has become entirely too partisan in the modern era

But Frank says his fellow Democrat could do more to change that by staying in Congress and helping change the filibuster rule than by stepping out of public service.

 Ignore the fact that Barney Frank is one of the biggest partisans in the entire Congress, wielding a sharp rhetorical wit that he never ceases to use against anyone he disagrees with.  Ignore the fact that Congressman Frank makes no attempt to compromise with members of the opposite party, instead using the media to demonize those opposite him in debates.  Ignore the fact that Congressman Franks party has used the filibuster at great length during the Clinton and Bush years.  And ignore the fact that trying to change the rules now would erupt into the mother of all political wars, the likes we aren’t likely to see again in this generation.

The fact is that the Democrats held a 60 seat majority in the senate — a de facto filibuster proof majority — if you include the independents that caucus and vote with the Democrats the majority of the time.  The Democrats in the Senate could not deliver legislation without serious compromises — as the rule is meant to do in the first place — because members of Frank’s own party were not all in agreement.  What Congressman Frank is suggesting is changing a rule that would allow, in effect, one faction of his party to completely control the debate and enact legislation, marginalizing the impact of more moderate and conservative Democrats in their party.

Yes Congressman Frank, that would make things less Partisan, would it not?  Brilliant!

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