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Partisanship and its effect on governance

I will say this about partisanship.  The Republicans are wielding it to great effect this past year, the Obama administrations agenda having galvanized the party in a way nothing else could have possibly done so well and so quickly.  And the Republicans are using every procedural tool in their arsenal in order to stall and halt that agenda.  But at the end of the day they need to realize one thing — if they take back Congress during the mid-term elections as is looking more and more likely, they will then be on the receiving end of exactly what they have been sowing.

Partisanship in Washington isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if as it was in the Reagan days where members maintain friendly dispositions with one another and social bonds.  But that isn’t the case today where many members, I believe, have true distaste for one another.  Partisanship is just another way of saying someone stands on their convictions.

At the end of the day Politics is a results driven game.  The Obama administration, and Democrats are being taken to task in the polls because the economy hasn’t improved and the public holds the party in power responsible for bad news.  If the Republicans take back power, they would then be held responsible in the publics eye and I just don’t see that as a win-win situation given the fact that the Democrats would seek to do to the Republicans what the Republicans have just spend the last year doing to the Democrats.  The Republicans are salivating at the thought of retaking power and looking forward to the 2012 elections and chances of retaking the White House.  But there is a lot of time between now and then and I think it would be foolish in the extreme not to realize the Republicans have no more chance of coming to power and remaining unstained with blame unless they have real means to deliver economic recovery over Democrat tactics.

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