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Unlike the United States, Israel actually knows how to protect itself.  It has the political will to do the things it needs to do in order to remove threats to its security.  In the United States if a terrorist gets a bloody lip people are put on trial.  In the United States, if you force a terrorist to sit in certain positions for prolonged periods of time, or if you simulate drowning by pouring water over the face of an individual (water boarding) you are greeted to daily attacks in the media and called a terrorist yourself.

In Israel, if you kill Jews Mossad simply tracks you down and kills you.  There is something to be admired by the grim determination the Israeli’s have, and their willingness to disrupt their enemies.  Unlike the United States, the Israelis have a real understanding of what the world is really like, living amongst their enemies.  In a country which is less than 20 miles wide in places, they haven’t the advantage of looking at things through rose colored glasses.

Which brings us to dire warnings the Israelis have been giving the world regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  Recall they destroyed a Syrian reactor in 2007 and many believe the Israelis are planning on doing the same in Iran if the world refuses to act. 

The world should be thankful there is still a people so firmly grounded in the real world that can be counted upon to act in order to protect both themselves and the world from murderers and butchers.

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