It’s done.  Democrats have done the unthinkable and government mandated healthcare will be the law of the land soon.  As soon as the President signs it.  On Sunday night they were able to apply enough pressure to the Stupak “dozen” (six) and make them the deciding votes as the bill passed 220-211.  Had the Stupak six remained true to their word, the vote would have failed 214-217, it needing 216 to pass.

The text of the bill can be found here.  The roll call vote details can be found here.

I say it will be the law of the land, but the next round will be in the courts where there are already numerous constitutional challenges being brought.  I linked to an ACLU analysis back in October, an analysis the Democrats must be all too aware of as well.  Yet they pushed forward with this abomination.  The question is why?  To liberals the sense of “social justice” is everything.  The letter and intent of the law is subservient to that sense of social justice, though on many issues they’re integral.  The problem with this is that “social justice” means different things to different people, and it often runs counter to the law.  Take for instance the gun debate.  Liberals hate the fact that people actually have a right to own guns.  They don’t feel that law (constitutional right) is as important as, say, the right to freedom of speech.  You see the problem with that, right?  One right is no more important than another.  They’re all equally important, but the liberals want one, while wishing you didn’t have another.  That sort of logic means who ever is in power can have a truly detrimental impact on your life and your rights and is exactly why you need to be very careful about those pesky slippery slopes.

That slippery slope is the problem with the health care bill.  Well, ignoring all the Constitutional concerns that is.  The original intent of the federal government was that it remain small.  It was never the intent that the state governments be supplanted in day-to-day life yet with FDR’s “new deal” that is exactly what began to happen.  FDR ushered in a new deal through shennanigans with the Supreme Court and the federal government has picked up more and more power over the states and over people’s lives ever since.  Adding to that problem is liberalism which exploded in the 60’s, began to take real hold in the 70’s and now has grown into a true force to be reckoned with.  It’s lead to a dramatic change in our sense of what government is meant to be in much of our society, as liberals look to government not so much as a means to ensure equality of access and a means to ensure we all have freedom of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, but as the deliverer of services and equalizer of results.  In other words, to get around the intent and letter of the law.  In those instances where liberals can’t get the courts to deliver the results they seek, they instead seek to use government to direct the action sought.

In the largest sense we’ve tipped over that slope and are now definitely headed toward the European socialist type of government where government is the central force of society and the ultimate provider of goods and services; Where citizens are not in control of their own destiny and government decides for them how much of their wealth they get to keep; where the force of “social justice” is wielded like a modern-day Robin hood to take from the rich in order to give to the poor.  In other words “to spread some of the wealth around” as President Obama so eloquently put it.

For those elements of our society where the principles of our founding matter little, Sunday was a momentous and joyous day.  But to those of us who remain true to the principles upon which this country is founded; who still believe we are responsible for our actions and control our own destiny; for those of us who understand government is an evil that must be tolerated and not exalted, Sunday was anything but momentous and joyous.  

Sunday was a wakeup call.  Sunday was the “shot heard around the world” that should embolden us and wake us to the duty of taking back our country.  It’s time.  It’s time to strangle the rot that we’ve allowed to creep into our society and cast down our institutions.  And I say to you, if you will not fight for this country now, when will you?

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