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Drudge is misleading?

You want to see a clear cut example of that “main stream media bias” that has been mentioned so often in conservative circles?  Read the following from theHill:

In my opinion Matt Drudge is the most important and influential single figure in American media. In terms of daily and ongoing influence he is more influential than The New York Times, the television networks, cable news or anyone else. Let me suggest here that Drudge’s power may turn out to be more of a curse than a blessing for Republicans and conservatives because in my view, it fosters delusions that can lead to defeat. Recently a Gallup poll, of course highlighted on Drudge, found that Obama’s numbers had (then) turned more unfavorable than favorable.

His point is that Drudge is misleading people, but selectively deciding what to cover.  And that over time that selectiveness leads to false impressions.

Oh really?  So the years in which the main stream media selectively covered anti-war protests during the Bush administration but then hasn’t covered them during the Obama administration hasn’t lead to a false impression?  The selective coverage by the main stream media about liberal protestors, generally giving them positive or at the very worst, neutral coverage versus the virtually complete negative coverage of the “tea party movement” hasn’t lead to false impressions?  The selective coverage by the main stream media about the “settled science” of “Climate Change” (i.e. Global Warming) but virtually ignoring the troves of emails and other information released in the past five months showing the lengths those climate scientists have gone to to rig the science haven’t lead to a false impression?


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