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Walking the plank in 2010

For weeks now there have been polls aplenty that have continued to indicate the extremely low popularity of the President, making him the least popular President at this point in his presidency than any other President in modern history.  And additional polls showing not only the excruciatingly low popularity of House Speaker Pelosi (8%) and Majority Leader Reid (11%), but also the general low ratings of the Democratic party.  Today comes a fresh poll showing that 50% of the country doesn’t believe President Obama deserves a second term.

Remember all those backroom deals and assurances from the talking heads that your health care vote won’t hurt you in November, when it does hurt you in November.  Except they already know what’s coming as the rank and file seek to not speak about the unspeakable.  And hiding from constituents isn’t going to change anything.  Pelosi is safe in her San Francisco sanctuary, but many of you current Democrats are going to be sent packing in November.  And God willing, so will Obama in 2012!

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