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I knew this was coming

I linked to the story last week, then Illinois Representative Hare made his now infamous statement that he “doesn’t worry about the Constitution”.  I knew that statement was going to grace numerous print and television adds in the upcoming election cycle.  Viola.

Nothing says it better that what he said.  This is exactly the difference between Conservatives and Liberals right here:

I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest…

Liberals care about the Constitution when they want to, and don’t care about it when it stands in their way.  If that is the mentality of the left, then ask yourself what kind of political social compact we really have.  If we, in effect, have no compact and the rule of law means nothing then the country had better be wary because that is very likely to haunt us all over the long-term.

In the immediate term, Liberals should not expect their interests to be preserved if they are not willing to preserve the interests of Conservatives.  Social compact, or compact be damned.  Decide.

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