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You’d never know it

If you only read recent MSM accounts, you’d never think that left leaning “groups? ever, you know, be troublesome.  Left-leaning groups would never “threaten” or use “intimidation” would they? 

Problem is, they do it all the time and Greenpeace is now threatening that they know where their detractors live.  Groups like Greenpeace and other left-leaning activist groups have been sabotaging businesses for years.  Property destruction, direct personal intimidation, threats, theft; they use the gamut of activism to get their way.  Ever see coverage of the G8 meetings?

Any coverage of the Tea-Party movement that couches the movement as anything but a political group trying to take back their country is nothing short of selective and wrong. 

Keep up Tea-Party!  Make the country shake!

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  1. teapartyjim
    April 5, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    The MSM doesn’t care about objective truth or reality. They are now 100% leftist propaganda.


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