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Obama neuters countries strategic response options

Everyone knows the United States has nuclear weapons.  Everyone knows exactly how many nuclear weapons we have, and knows where they are generally kept and staged.  What counties that might seek to attack us on a strategic scale, is if or how we’d respond.  Intentional vagueness has been a hallmark of our strategic defense for decades.  Countries certainly understood that if you attacked us with nuclear weapons we would retaliate in kind, but short of nuclear weapons no country knew to what extent we’d respond.  All options were always on the table.

But now, thanks to President Obama, we’re spelling out for the first time the specific instances of how we’d use nuclear weapons.  Or in this case, spelling out when we wouldn’t use them.  Including when attacked with chemical or biological agents.  Strike me as silly, but what President Obama has just done is extraordinarily obtuse and highlights (again) the very essence of the liberal and conservative comparison.  Liberals think with their hearts and not their minds.  Wishing the world to be a better place does not make it so, and history and human nature can simply not be changed.

Obama is showing more every day that he is exactly what people said he’d be during the general election — a danger to this country.

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