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Straw meet camel

Things are already looking bad enough for the Democratic party.  They’ve lost three of the four most recent elections; Democrats are polling abysmally in national polls with the healthcare bill paving the way for even lower popularity polling after it’s passing; and Democrats are fearing the loss of the next two elections.  Add to this the continued economic woes with the government saying high unemployment likely to continue for the next two years (at least).  All this in lead up to the Summer kick off for the Fall mid-term elections.  Looks pretty nasty as it is, but now they have something additional to fear.  High oil prices.

Anyone remember last Summer?  Anything close to $4 per gallon again and it will be a full-blown melt down for the Democratic party in the Fall.  With prices already at $3 per gallon the simmering anger is already beginning to brew.  Recall that oil and gasoline prices only receded last year when the recession struck full stride, dramatically reducing world-wide oil consumption.  And that happening isn’t likely to act as an immediate “savior” a second time around.

To put this in context, the price of Gasoline in South-Eastern Virginia for me in January 2009 was $1.29.  Price of the same gasoline in April 2010 is $2.72.

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