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We can’t do this without a lot of pain

So says Erskine Bowles whom President Obama has appointed as the head of his “budget task force”.  That task force (that Congress refused to create previously) is tasked with tackling the federal budget and recommending remedies to the train wreck everyone sees coming, but no one is truly willing to do anything about.  The creation of Health Care Reform simply made matters much worse than they already were, but let’s be honest — the train wreck was coming irregardless.  Now that wreck is just around the corner instead of decades off.

Yet the only solutions capable of raising enough money are politically dangerous for the president and Congress: tax increases and major reductions in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Bask in that sentiment for a moment, then consider the Democratic arguments for Health Care Reform.  Wasn’t Health Care Reform meant to alleviate the budget problems?  Of course we all knew that was a complete fallacy, yet that’s what was said about it.  How someone can expect to add 50 million people to the public dole and expect the budget to be cheaper than it is now is completely unknown to me.  Think that sort of thing is referred to as “fuzzy math”.  Yet Health Care Reform didn’t enact the “public option” the President wanted, yet it included much that the government will have to pay for instead.  Hence the recent warning from the CBO that the federal budget is on an “unsustainable” path.

U.S. fiscal policy is unsustainable, and unsustainable to an extent that it can’t be solved through minor changes.

Because of Health Care Reform by 2020 the nation will owe nearly $13 Trillion dollars in debt.  And the interest payment on that alone will be $900 Billion annually.  Without spending a dime on anything else for that year, the nation will have to pay $900 Billion dollars just to service our existing debt.  Think about that a moment.  Now think about it again.

We are inexorably moving toward having no options — irrespective of what will also need to happen for the looming Social Security trouble — other than to raise taxes considerably and to lower benefits and services.  Not only will the left’s vaunted health care reform suffer through rationing and other restrictions, but everything else will too.  The nation will have to dramatically reduce spending on defense, benefit programs like Social Security, Medicare, Drug Benefits (Part D), and infrastructure projects.

This is something the left has never understood.  The most expensive things in our universe are free.  In other words, nothing is free.  It’s just free to some.

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