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Das Hockey Stick

That hooky hocky stick model was dealt yet another slap yesterday, not that it really needed it.  It’s already been shown to be highly inaccurate.  However, I did want to take issue with one assessment that states there is a clear warming trend as it doesn’t define that statement in any way which allows the reader to continue to think it’s man-caused.  The medieval warm period is a pesky thing, and shows that the world climate was as warm or warmer then as it is now, with a period of cooler global period between then and now.  Something even Phil Jones, the Climate Research Unit scientist, has had to retract previous statements on the matter and finally agree on.

No one disputes that global climate changes over time.  The issue is why.  And that reflects directly on the MWP.  If it was warmer a thousand years ago, or more, why.  And why did the global climate cool between then and now.  Obviously the global climate the lead to the MWP wasn’t man-made so what needs to be answered specifically by climate scientists now is why the global climate is warming now.  And they need to account for why global temperatures have actually declined in the past 11 years.

Until those answers are specifically answered nothing regarding this “discussion” will be anything but wishful thinking.

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