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Vanity Fair hatchet of Palin

I don’t know about you but I stopped worrying about hatchet jobs on Sarah Palin a long time ago.  By now no one should expect any main stream media outlet, let alone Vanity Fair, to treat Conservatives like they do Liberals.  While Liberals get almost universal support (cough) and glowing coverage, Conservatives are more often treated much more harshly by the press.  So Vanity Fair published a hit piece on Sarah Palin.  Totally surprising!  Totally!  A little surprising perhaps that even some Liberals are pushing back on Vanity Fair over the article, but outside of that the entire affair is a snoozefest.

The main stream media will eviscerate whomever they perceive to be the greatest threat to their “progressive” agenda, and since 2008 that has been Sarah Palin.  My suggesstion to Sarah?  Ignore the impotent media and instead, continue to reach out directly to the grass-roots.  Sarah is as popular with the silent majority (not so quite this past year!) as she is unpopular with the main stream media and their Liberal allies.  They continue to attack her today because she’s shown she’s an effective voice for Conservatives who is helping to win elections.  She, and we, should never forget that.  With every hit piece we should simply take it as further proof that we’ve got to them.  Further proof that they know what’s coming in November.

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