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President Obama holds his solumn duty in contempt

Few duties rest so squarely upon the shoulders of a President as national defense does.  While nearly anything can, and most likely will be attributed to the sitting President during his administration, national defense is one duty that the Constitution clearly and specifically states is the responsibility of the President of the United States.  Past Presidents have risen to the challenge, seemingly understanding as Commander-in-Chief that they are completely and singularly responsible for the lives of the men and women that serve under them, as well as the security of our nation.  I’ve had occasion to question whether a President truly had that in his heart at times, but at no time in my life have I ever thought that a President held this solemn duty in utter contempt.  Until now. 

President Obama has shown such disregard for not only the national interest of the United States, but also for the lives of the men and women in the military that I can scarcely think of a worse path to be led down than the one he is leading us down today with respect to Iraq and Afghanistan.  President Obama is clearly more interested in his popularity and the vicissitudes of his liberal allies than what his actions may ultimately lead to.  Contrast that with President Bush’s administration.

Despite the morass Iraq had become under President Bush, and the public and private condemnation that came along with it, he stuck to the mission because he understood something that President Obama apparently doesn’t.  Principle matters.  President Bush proved that he wouldn’t turn his back on duty or a promise to save his popularity, yet we’ve already seen that is something President Obama is neither capable of, nor susceptible to.  President Obama is everything in a President and a Commander-in-Chief that we as a great nation should despise as there is nothing more disgraceful and despicable than to play politics with other people’s lives.  That is exactly what he’s done in Iraq and what he is now doing in Afghanistan.

Charles Krauthammer said well in this week’s column.

During the past week, 22 Americans were killed over a four-day period in Afghanistan. This is not a place about which decisions should be made in order to placate members of Congress, pass health care and thereby maintain a president’s political standing. This is a place about which a president should make decisions to best succeed in the military mission he himself has set out.

President Obama, and by extension the United States, will be seen as weak and nothing invites more aggression than weakness.  One need look only to history to see the proof of that.  If President Obama believes he can constrain al-Qaeda with a fleet of drones, while tucking tail and running from Iraq and Afghanistan he will be sorely mistaken.  Unfortunately it is the United States that will pay the price for his contempt and his failure.  al-Qaeda will continue to grow and spread, and the Islamic radicals in Iran, Syria and the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan will take heart that their struggle will only get easier.  The Iranians will dig their claws deeper and deeper into Iraq until Iraq is all but a puppet nation and the Taliban will grow bolder and Afghanistan will once again become a safe-haven for al-Qaeda.

And make no mistake about this.  al-Qaeda will not have forgotten about the United States while they rebuild.  They will seek to fight us again, except it will once again be on American soil instead of foreign soil.  And the lives of the men and women that were list in Iraq and Afghanistan will have been for naught.

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