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Politicians talking out both sides of their face

This is what infuriates me more than anything about politicians.  You can’t trust anything they say.  It’s why I respected George Bush as much as I did, despite his high spending, because when he spoke you knew he was saying what he meant and meant what he said.  President Bush would honor his pledges, or at the very least give an honest effort toward doing so.  But he was an anacronism, a relic of a time when men honored their words and others judged a man by that..  Sadly those days are long gone.  Today a politician will say anything to get elected, and once elected, will do and say anything to stay elected.  Exactly why so many now hold Congress and government in contempt.

Republicans should take close heed.  If they do not see the brewing anger in the country today, and do not understand it for what it truly is, then the party is lost.  That anger in America stems from the frustration Americans feel that government no longer serves them; that government by, and for the people is over.  And if the party ever stood for anything at all, it needs to rediscover its core beliefs of limited government and economic freedom or it risks losing everything it’s gained in the last two years.  And I say that not from the perspective of party, but rather from the perspective of principle.  It always was and always will be the principles that matter.  Republicans are trifling emotions they ought not be trifling with if any of them think they can ride the wave of Tea Partiers into the majority and then not faithfully carry out the agenda we want.

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