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That light at the end of the tunnel is not heaven

That would be the train coming through, and it’s called TEA PARTY.  Pelosi and gang awoke the sleeping giant when they used every dirty trick in the book to pass Obamacare and now combined with the anger over the economy they’re reaping the rewards.  Nothing can save the Democrats in November, yet Pelosi has to put on the brave face and make an attempt.

To hold the line against Republicans, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, issued an urgent plea for members in safe districts to help their endangered colleagues by contributing money. She called out to Democrats who were delinquent on paying their party dues and instructed members with no re-election worries to tap into a combined $218 million from their campaign accounts to help save their majority.

Everyone in that chamber knows that majority is lost.  Lost in a 1994 way. 

The day after the election, we do not want to have any regrets.

 Much too late for that.  You know the bruising and crushing battle that took place over Obamacare is forefront in the minds of many in that chamber today.  Obamacare is where the anger in America today started and what awakened the sleeping giant that is the Tea Partiers.  The economy has stoked that fire and turned it into a raging inferno.

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