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And what will the Republicans do?

If one believes the collective prognosticating, the Republicans are set to take back the House.  Most of the forecasts indicate Republicans will take 30-50 seats, with most of those falling in the 40+ range and giving the majority back to the Republicans.  similarly, more are predicting Republicans will retake the Senate as well.  Most of the predictions I’ve seen fall between 8-12 seats.  The path to retaking the Senate is somewhat trickier than the House however there are those that are adamant it will happen.  Karl Rove, among many others, are also predicting big gains in Gubernatorial and state contests.  [edit – Karl Rove coincidentally published a piece in the WSJ today on the subject)

Whether the Republicans retake the Legislature this cycle, or whether they will need to finish the task in 2012 isn’t the most important question in my mind.  What Republicans do with power once they get it back, is.  Democrats are in the deepest hole they’ve seen in a generation because they took over Washington promising to “transform” American society when what they should have been doing was performing open-heart surgery on the economy.  Instead of enacting legislation that enticed businesses to take greater risks and putting people back to work, they were busy spending money as fast as they could print it.  Spending money on Union friends and other pork instead of following through on the lofty promises of President Obama to spend the money wisely on projects that would create jobs.

Democrats utterly wasted the mandate and aspirations they were sent to Washington to fulfill and if the Republicans have any mind to keep power once they regain it, they had best remember this abject lesson.  Will Republicans hold to the conservative principles that make up the party’s platform, or will they show they are no longer the party of Reagan and can not be trusted.  For millions of us watching, I sincerely hope the talk that many of the Republicans are making today is more than just air.

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