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Democrats defeat Obamacare 1099 rollback

Doesn’t this just frame the entire debate about governance so succinctly?  If Republicans wanted a sound-bite to parade out in front of voters in the weeks leading up to the election that aptly illustrates the difference between Republicans and Democrats it is this vote.  At the end of the day Democrats have shown they do not care, in the least, about the burdensome requirements they hang around the necks of small businesses and families.  They’re tied too tightly to class-warfare and count on raw populism to carry the day for them.  In many years that might work, but in a year such as this where we’re deep in an economic recession people tend to pay greater attention to additional Government burdens like this.

President Obama has framed the debate as he always does — us versus them. Instead of being the unifying force he promised to be during the 2008 campaign he’s instead increased the rhetoric to the point that anyone could easily believe there truly were two America’s. The great underperforming America that requires Government to act as Mother, Father and an entire village; and the great over performing America that exploits the masses to live in the lap of luxury. Of course to believe such a thing would be a lie as the truth really is that the great middle class are the entrepreneurs that start small businesses and employ a majority of Americans today.

President Obama has drawn a marker in the sand claiming the difference between wealthy and non-wealthy is $250,000 but what President Obama and the Democrats have consistently failed to say is that most small businesses fall into the wealthy category. The owners of most of these small businesses report their business income on their personal tax returns which not only would have the double effect of subjecting them to the added expense of 1099 compliance, but also possibly higher marginal rates when the “Bush Tax Cuts” expire later in the year.

It will be these small businesses that bring us out of, or further into, the recession and the Democrats are doing absolutely nothing to help them.  The best thing Democrats could do at this point is simply get out of everyone’s way, and keep their hands out of our pockets to boot.

Educate yourselves on the truth.

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