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Republicans win big in 9/14 primaries

How could Republicans win big yesterday when Republicans were competing against other Republicans you ask?  The Party is better off this morning because principle triumphed over pragmatism and the “go along to get along” non-sense that permeates so much of Washington and our country today.  Just read this quote for the type of sentiment I’m referring to.

I’m very disappointed. We’re looking for people that can reach across party lines, do that kind of thing and not just represent some small, narrow part of the organization. I’m afraid that’s what’s happening here.

That’s the sentiment that got us Obamacare, Stimulus that didn’t stimulate, Government Motors, McCain/Feingold, and a host of other laws that only served to dilute our rights and grow government.  I’m sorry, but I’m not all that interested in working with Democrats to further corrupt and destroy our great country.  Instead, I’d rather work to re-instill a sense of identity, self-reliance, and greatness.  I’d rather work to re-instill the conservative values that made us what we are today.  And why is it that Republicans must bend on their principles to work with Democrats, yet we never seem to see Democrats bending their principles to reach across the aisle to Republicans?  Trust is not a one-way street, and I say that if Democrats want Republicans to work with them on issues then we as a party need to say to them “meet us half way”.  Wake up and smell what the main stream media is shoveling.

Just so I’m on the record about this, I’d much rather take a win over the long-term than accept a short-term win just to retake the House or the Senate.  It matters more to me that we choose the right Republicans to run, than accept another “John McCain” to represent us.  Delaware, I’m talking to you.

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