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You’ll be safe. Trust me.

So said Obama while exhorting Democrats to “transform” the nation from the greatest economic juggernaut in a century to what he envisions becoming another European social haven.  Except it didn’t take people long to see just how badly his plans were going to work out for everyone (some would say it actually took too long).  And now you have the same Democrats that were frothing at the mouth to elect him running away from him at light speed.

More Democrats joined Republicans on Wednesday in calling for the preservation of tax breaks for Americans of every income level, bolting this election season from President Barack Obama’s plan to preserve cuts for families who earn less than $250,000 and let taxes rise for the wealthiest Americans. But Obama placed the blame for the stalled proposal squarely on Republicans.

When you have Democrats proposing tax cuts en masse, you know something is up.  Obama better start stocking up on the Pepto now because he’s going to need it come 11/3.

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