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Democrats are playing chicken with tax cuts

Harry Reid hung out the retreat flag today announcing that he would be putting off a vote for extending the “Bush tax cuts” until after the November elections.  That would seemingly make little sense given the fact that the Democrats need as much help as they can get right now, but politically it makes all the sense in the world.  They’re playing chicken.  The Democrats do not have the votes to extend the tax cuts in part, and let them expire for the remainder, as there are a significant number of Democrats that have expressed to leadership they’re preference is to extend the tax cuts for all.  By tabling a vote for extension in part the Democrats would surely lose, they’re gambling they can shift the blame for their expiration to the Republican party when the Republicans take over the House (and perhaps the Senate).

That the Republicans will take over the house is a fait accompli, but whether they can take over the Senate is still up in the air.  If the Republicans do not take over the Senate it puts the pressure back on the Democrats, however, if the Republicans do take over the Senate they will lack the votes needed to extend the tax cuts in whole without over-whelming pressure on Democrats from the public.  Reid is gambling that they’ll be able to go to the press and place the blame on the Republicans for the expiration.  It’ll be interesting to see the tap dance the Democrats do if the Republicans fail to take the Senate back, but I suspect that the pressure to cut a deal and extend the cuts in whole will be ratcheted up considerably. 

Of course what isn’t being spoken about in this mad game of chicken are the small businesses that are frozen not knowing what their tax picture will look like on Jan 2nd.  It’s one of the reasons they aren’t hiring right now, so if you are unemployed today, you might pick up the phone and call your Democratic Senator and tell him or her to stop playing class-warfare games with your life.

  1. September 24, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Republicans need to stop the obstructionism. Democrats want to extend the tax cuts for small business and the middle class. They want to offer other tax cuts and incentives for companies that hire here in the U.S. but Republicans block everything the Democrats try to do. Enough gifts to the wealthy. We’re running huge deficits and more tax cuts for the wealthy will do nothing to stimulate the economy but will add another 700 billion dollars to the federal debt.

    It’s time to stand up for our country and defeat these Republicans who only want to help big business.

    • September 24, 2010 at 4:26 pm

      That’s pretty much the liberal mantra, yeah. But when you say standing up for our country, I make the assumption that you mean standing for the principles our nation was founded upon and which made us the powerhouse we became in the 20th century. Not, of course the “Standing up for our country” that really means sticking your hand in someone else’s pocket and taking what doesn’t belong to you. To you “standing up for our country” must mean “more of the same” that worked out so good for President Carter.

      To me, Standing up for our country does not include allowing you to further erode the principles under which it was founded. Thanks, but keep the change. Tax cuts don’t cost anything. Spending does. Liberals never saw a tax hike they didn’t love, so here’s your chance to express that love for the whole world to see.

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