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We’re surprised that President Obama is inexperienced?

I’m honestly flabbergasted when others are somehow surprised that President Obama’s inexperience and naivety confront him so openly as it did this weekend by Israel’s unwillingness to extend a “moratorium” on settlement “expansion”.  His hubris won’t allow him to see that he’s out of his depth.  Real world problems will not “fix” themselves simply because he wills it yet he doesn’t have the experience necessary to walk through to a final solution.  His entrenched academician philosophies only make matters worse. 

It truly is the height of arrogance in his expectation that something as complex as the Israel/Palestinian issue would be solved so quickly, under current circumstances, when the issue could not be solved by a much more accomplished and experienced Bill Clinton.  If the Palestinians could not be won over to accept more than 80% of the West Bank (ignoring the other issues like right of return) under a much more willing Israeli government, did President Obama truly believe Israel would be willing to forestall the will of their people when the Palestinians can’t deliver anything approaching peace in the forseeable future?

That President Obama will not be able to deliver peace to the region is widely accepted.  What isn’t known yet is how badly his international bumbling will further weaken us in the eyes of our allies and enemies.

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