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Will the Middle East explode?

Remember the Arab Spring?  The Arab Spring that is beginning to look like radical Islamists might soon be taking on larger roles in Egypt, Libya (and), and perhaps Tunisia. The same Arab Spring that caused massive destabilization in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia?  Well, that Arab Spring might look like a side show in the coming weeks as the Palestinian Authority takes to the United Nations to seek unilateral statehood.  The United States is in a political bind as the Obama Administration has already endorsed statehood based on the 1967 boundaries and is running smack into the issue of that policy’s unpopularity here in the U.S. and how it affects the Democrat chance of retaining the Jewish vote in 2012.   Obama and the Democrats can not lose the Jewish vote under any circumstance, so what are they to do?  Strong arm the Palestinian Authority into retreat of course.

Except the PA isn’t retreating and the U.S. has had to issue veiled threats that it will use it’s U.N. veto power to stop the U.N. from taking any action beyond issuing statements of support.  Saudi Arabia has stated there will be strong repercussions if the U.S. does stand in the way.  You can rest assured that virtually every other Arab nation will stand with Saudi Arabia in condemning the United States.  And we can rest assured that there will be massive unrest throughout a region already destabilized, directed squarely at the U.S. and at the Middle-East’s governments that are close to us.  A veto by the U.S. will be a defining moment used by every radical Islamic group to recruit and effect political change in countries we rely on as strategic allies.  It’ll be a long-term disaster and could lead to a new level of terrorist activity.

And every bit of it because the Obama administration’s bungling of America’s foreign policy.  Amateur hour in the White House will cost us much more blood, tears, and treasure in the years to come.

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