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A racist by any other name

It saddens me that it is 2011 and yet we as a country as still so focused on the issue of race that we simply can’t move beyond it.  On one side you still do have genuine racism against minorities in small pockets around the United States, but on the other hand you also have racism by minorities against the majority.  I don’t buy the common contention from certain minority groups that racism only occurs in one direction and I honestly think that attitude is utter nonsense.  Racism is nothing more or less than:


the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others


abusive or aggressive behavior towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief

What race you happen to be has absolutely nothing to do with it.  Frankly there is just as much racism in the black community as there is in the white community, if we want to be completely honest about the situation.  Despite progress we as a nation have obtained towards eradicating racism, we will never overcome it completely if what we continue to focus on is race!

For instance, last week Morgan Freeman, a particularly talented actor that I have loved and respected my entire adult life made a completely egregious and ridiculous statement regarding “Tea Party” racism and that political attacks against President Obama are rooted in nothing but racism.  Sentiments that are happily carried over the airwaves by the main-stream media without any proof what so ever, and without any meaningful counterpoint.  It’s frustrating. 

Frustrating because the logic involved is horrendous.  Did Mr. Freeman and the left simply forget the previous eight years?  Did the left completely forget the horrible things they said about President Bush, including blatantly racists statements by darlings of the left?  Using Mr. Freeman’s logic one would have to believe that any minority who disagreed with or worked against President Bush’s agenda would have to be racist as well.

Frustrating because despite the common refrain from the left, and most specifically the black community, that the “Tea Party” is racist there has been absolutely no proof to back up any of these various statements lobbed by the left during any given week.  The left has but to utter the charge of racism for it to be found in fact.  Yet we all know what is really behind these charges.  The black community has been a stalwart of the Democrat base for generations.  So much of their power (read as the ‘race baiting poverty pimps’) is vested in the status quo that any change to that represents a tremendous threat to them. 

Coupled with the tremendous out-pouring of political activity (Tea Party) against the growing government, the black community is also losing its status as the largest minority group.  No longer is the Democrat party bowing and catering to the whims and desires of the black community and the communities leaders are demonstrating nothing less than public jealousy in dealing with it.  Just ask Maxine Waters, as she points out the President never would have said the things he said to the Hispanic community or other minority groups.  The black community is acting out as any jilted lover might.

Frustrating because such charges necessarily rely on ignorance of a law of physics – that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  President Obama’s agenda has been the most liberal, most far reaching agenda in modern history.  Coupled with the economic impact the recession has caused that hasn’t been felt since the Great Depression, there has been an equally strong reaction to the President’s agenda.  Similar in many regards to that experienced by President Clinton and especially similar to what he experienced when he and Mrs. Clinton were pushing their healthcare plan.  The fact that individuals have reacted strongly to what they view as an unprecedented government intrusion into the private sector has nothing to do with President Obama’s race.  It has to do with those individuals beliefs.

That the left, and particularly the black community, are equating the Tea Party reaction to a liberal agenda to racism is the clearest evidence yet that the left has a deep and fundamental misunderstanding of not only the issues involved but the perceptions involved as well.  What better proof could there be that there can be no compromise on these issues?  We’re literally so far apart on these issues that saying there is a vast chasm between the two sides doesn’t begin to explain the how far apart we are from one another. 

Coloring those differences as racism instead of what they really are is both an affront and a means to recapture political power that the black community is likely never to see again.  The black community will only be further marginalized in the years to come because of America’s changing demographics and their refusal to accept responsibility for many of the issues truly holding the black community back.  The Tea Party is not one of them.

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