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Obama to call out Cantor for “Jobs” bill inactivity

Despite Sentor Reid placing the President’s “Jobs” bill on the back burner and several Democrats taking specific and public issue with the plan, President Obama is going to “call out” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor because the bill isn’t being voted upon.  Lets ignore for the moment that Obama paid nothing but lip service to “Jobs” for the first two years of his administration, and instead opted for healthcare and short term pay offs for his union friends.  But to see the President now thumping his chest as if he had any real ideas or leadership is ludicris and infuriating.  Even many Democrats claim the President’s “Jobs” bill won’t create many jobs, and the President’s insistence that the bill is an “take or leave it” proposition won’t help his cause with Republicans insistant upon creating real jobs instead of creating more debt.

The President can call out whomever he chooses to, yet having done so won’t change the facts a whit.  The President’s “Jobs” bill is nothing more than a veneer for further short term Union spending that will cost Billions and yet won’t stimulate the economy.  It would however sadlle the US Tax Payers for several hundred Billion in additional debt.  Unlike President Obama, I’m not interested in gambling with the economy any further

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