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Where is this age’s Ronald Reagan?

I remember the first thought I had when I learned that Ronald Reagan had been elected President of the United States.  It was November 1980 and I am shamed to admit that I hadn’t yet learned to think for myself.  I mournfully recall thinking “oh great, now we’re going go to go to war”.  You see, like so many other young impressionable minds, I’d been brainwashed into thinking that Ronald Reagan was nothing more than a intellectually inferior, war-mongering, cowboy.  I bought everything the nightly news channels and our country’s largest newspapers said about the President.  It took several years before I came to realize that I didn’t actually believe those things the media said about President Reagan, and that instead I had a deep, abiding respect for him.  By President Reagan’s second administration I had completely reevaluated my  beliefs and had come to consider myself a Republican.  President Reagan was a master communicator and it was through his words that I learned what I truly felt in my heart was that America was great and that the principles upon which America was founded were principles I deeply believed in.

Through President Reagan the GOP was transformed into the party of ideas; of vision; of world leadership.  Sadly, today the Republican party has forgotten the lessons the Great Communicator taught us.  It’s been little more than 20 years since President Reagan left office, yet we find ourselves more in need of President Reagan’s presence now than ever.  Our country stands upon a precipice, a deep chasm into which we have begun to tip and from which depth there is likely no return.  As we did then, today we need a charismatic leader who believes in those founding principles and can express those principles to a wavering people who seem hell bent upon transforming a unique country into yet another European nation.

Despite the need no Ronald Reagan has stepped forward to both unify the party and the country.  No Ronald Reagan has stepped forward to sine the bright light of freedom and liberty for the rest of the world to see.  No Ronald Reagan has stepped forward to clearly and successfully articulate the ideals which made the United States uniquely qualified to be the  leader of the free world.  Instead the Republican party has been saddled with and nominated candidates that readily quote President Reagan but have records indicating they’re nothing like him.  I’m tired of having to hold my nose and vote for a candidate as I did in 2008 with John McCain.  And I’m already being told that regardless of the continued volatility in the polls I’m going to have to again with Mitt Romney.

While I could welcome Mitt Romney as a Secretary of the Treasury, I’ve little desire to see him as my President.  Romney has shown himself to be a serial flip-flopper and is a north-east Republican, which means he’s moderate to liberal in the Republican political spectrum.  Despite his current stance on various subjects, he’s already shown that his principles aren’t closely aligned to mine.  And if voted into office I couldn’t count on him to maintain a principled stance on important subjects.  In fact I’m not at all certain I actually understand what he believes in because he’s said so much in the past which is different from what he’s saying today.

The party is simply not doing a good enough job attracting and cultivating the young minds we need in office, and is not doing a good enough job fielding candidates that are principled, articulate, and charismatic.  Only through the enormous efforts to date of the Tea Party faithful have we been able to remind Republicans and the country how far we have drifted from our founding.  Yet for all that I despair what tomorrow will look like without this age’s Ronald Reagan stepping forward to lead.

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