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Light of day shone on #OWS

I had been wondering where all of the recent information concerning #OCCUPYWALLSTREET organization had been coming from.  Now we know thanks to Andrew Breitbart and others who worked with him to accumulate THIS.  Infiltration of the OCCUPY movement enabled the intrepid citizen journalists to accumulate a large repository of emails that show the true nature of the movement.  It’s every bit as insidious as believed.  As had been said from the very beginning, the movement is a collection of leftists including anarchists, anti-capitalists, communists/marxists, labor union and Democrat party personnel.  The emails detail in some detail the plans of the movement, which in short are to “destabalize” the country.  This quote from an Oct 12th email summarizes the groups strategy:

We’re in this for the long haul. There are no “solutions” that can be presented quickly to make us go away. And so there will be moments where our presence is no longer an uncomfortable and unknown variable, but rather is normalized and integrated. It’s in those moments that we have to push the envelop [sic], pry open the space of possibility even farther. We go as far as we can to destabalize [sic], but maintain momentum. And when that’s the new “normal” then we go farther. That’s how change happens, how we shift the terrain and the terms of the game.

– Email in “Occupy” archive, “Re: Can OWS be turned into a Democratic Party Movement?”; Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We have not yet seen how dangerous these people are, or the ends to which they are willing to go.

But we’re beginning to see glimpses.  Just this morning further violence erupted in New York as a group of protesters attempted to storm Wall Street after the city and the Zucotti Park owner postponed plans to remove protesters from the park in order to enable cleaning efforts.  Despite jubilation amongst the crowd at Zucotti park at the news this morning, many of the protesters decided to “push the envelope” by jumping over barriers erected at Wall Street to keep protesters out.  Reports of up to two dozen arrests were made as scuffles broke out between those protesters and police seeking to contain them.    In Denver the protesters have shown a surprising level of organization and ability to track police movement.  The techniques are remarkably like those used in Syria, Egypt, and Bahrain by “Arab Spring” protesters and can only point toward a higher level of militancy by OCCUPY protesters than has yet been seen.

These are the people that President Obama, Vice President Biden, Nancy Pelosi and so many other Democrat leaders have allied themselves with.  Not only does this show the contempt with which Democrats hold the Constitution and the principles upon which this country was founded, but also the contempt with which they hold Americans who hold to the values that made this country great.  Unfortunately many of the OCCUPY protesters are so left leaning that they make even the likes of Nancy Pelosi look conservative in comparison.  The acts the OCCUPY protesters will undoubtedly commit “push(ing) the envelope” will reflect directly on them, for which they will need to be held fully accountable.

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