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Surprise? Government Employees in DC average over $100k

This does not surprise me in the least.  I do a lot of consulting work and work alongside quite a few government employees on a daily basis, which is part of the reason I was as incredulous at the remarks of Senator Reid yesterday as I was.  I see the utterly wasteful spending and total lack of concern for the taxpayer every day and its sickening.  I’ve yet to meet a government employee that is one because of a sense of civic virtue despite over 20 years running shoulders with them.  Rather, the draw of government positions is the long-term stability, benefits, and pay.   Which isn’t to say that you can’t make more money in the civilian world (you can), but no where in the civilian world will you find the job security that is experienced in government service.  Civilians might walk around their offices, gathering at the water cooler and comment about concerns of layoffs and quarterly performance.  Government employees simply don’t have to.

Case in point a memo has been circulating among certain government employees this week advertising a round of voluntary early retirement.  Proving my point and proving just how cynical Americans have a right to be, the talk among government employees I’ve heard all week is speculation concerning financial incentives to take that early retirement.  A lot of those I talked to would take early retirement with incentives but were suddenly not interested at all today when an email was circulated that no incentives were involved.  Not one single person I talked to today was interested.  Why would they be?  They all know that they can’t truly be fired like any other American not lucky enough to be a government employee.  Unlike regular Americans government employees simply get moved around.  In fact in 24 years I’ve never met or so much as heard of anyone that did in fact ever get “down sized”.  Billets might have been reduced through attrition or through reorganization but the government employees who did not in fact want to take advantage of early retirement provisions have the right to move to another position somewhere else.  They might not have liked what was offered to them, but isn’t that the case with everyone?

Incidentally the average private sector salary is $50,000.  The average government salary is $75,000.  It’s good to be king, isn’t it?

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