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Liberal ignorance

I have a friend that happens to be a liberal, and so it’s not terribly surprising that the OCCUPYWALLSTREET movement would come up.  As so happens recently he’s tried gently chiding me about the aims and goals of the movement.  Of course, being conservative, I’ve refuted his chiding by pointing out the ridiculousness of the movement.  Not only have I pointed out the ridiculous nature of the varied demands of the movement, but also the crimes committed by protesters across the country, and the general ignorance of the movement’s political philosophy to begin with.  I also  compared the actions of the movement against those of the Tea Party rallies over the last year which never resulted in a single law being broken, or property damage.  What a comparison it is too. 

In general the Occupy movement wants all the benefits of capitalism, but none of the responsibility or realities that come along with it.  They want everything from free healthcare, to free education, to eradication of debt.  It’s a wonder the Occupy protesters haven’t gotten what they seek, they don’t understand the laws of economics.  But even if there were areas of the movements message that you individually might find common ground on, you couldn’t find it because the messengers are so bad they destroy the message they’re trying to espouse.  The eclectic movement is made up largely from the groups and individuals that regularly protest the G8 and G20 meetings around the world, espousing the collapse of the world economy in order to usher in a Utopian paradise without debt.  Other key demographics of the Occupy movement are Unions (SEIU anyone?), and segments of the Democrat party.  And those Democrats remaining aloof from the movement are still trying to align with it in hope of capturing much needed support for the 2012 election cycle.

Even if I don’t believe in the principles that drive the individuals and groups making up the Occupy movement, I can understand how they might collectively have come to be.  Ignorance.  Ignorance of reality, ignorance of history, and ignorance of human nature.  If the consequences of this ignorance weren’t so dangerous one would likely view the perpetrators as one would a small child.  Yet the consequences are indeed dangerous.  If in no other way than in the continuing erosion (destruction?) of our society and culture.  Every passing generation since the counter-culture of the 1960’s has produced offspring that has rejected the American spirit and will to achieve to a greater and greater extent. Occupy is simply the culmination of 40 years of relentless cultural pressure to eradicate the very nature of this great Republic our forefathers left us and which has been defended by the blood over countless veterans.

We can afford to coddle the ignorance of children to a point, but we simply can not afford to coddle the ignorance of Liberals any longer.  The consequences of doing so are simply unfathomable and we’re quite literally at that line in the sand.  If we do not stand firm and refuse to give any more ground now, we never will.  And if you stay home in 2012, choosing not to vote or support those of us who are standing firm, then you are as ignorant as the Occupy movement and and as responsible for what is coming.

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