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President Obama is responsible for OWS violence

President Obama has made it clear he stands with the OWS movement and believes in the “principles” they espouse.  Despite, of course, that the collective movement has released a dizzying array of “demands” which any sane person would look at and ignore for the utter tripe those demands are.  However, President Obama stands behind the movement.  As do a number of prominent Democrats, unions, and liberal social organizations.  President Obama has gone so far as to turn his Saturday morning speeches, and other public statements into platforms to offer additional support.  So President Obama, don’t be true to form now by backing away from the violence your children are committing.  Own it.

Of course the OWS movement has been committing various minor crimes all over the country since early on, but has witnessed more periodic serious crimes at various locations during the past few weeks.  And the last few days in Oakland, California has been nothing short of atrocious.  Those riots are what the Democrat party stands for.  Those riots are what President Obama espouses.  Those children are the spoiled, whiney liberals that want the productive part of the country to work hard so they can sit back and continue to collect the hand outs government has given to them all their lives.  Own it Mr. President.

I never again want to hear a single word uttered from the left, or from the left’s main stream media lackeys about the Tea Party.  Never was there a single act of violence at any of the Tea Party events, nor did any Tea Party group ever demand the government forcibly take anything from anyone else to give to them.  Nor did any Tea Party group ever demand the government practice class warfare.  I am so disgusted with the media, liberals, and President Obama in particular.

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