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Doomsday clock charade

Anyone who grew up in the 1970’s or 1980’s should be familiar with the Doomsday Clock.  But for those who are younger, the Doomsday Clock was (and remains) a figurative representation of humanities closeness to annihilation.  It was a means for Nuclear scientists to discuss their fears with the world and it became a political tool with which to goad the worlds Super Powers and allies to step back from the brink.  With the demise of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s the Doomsday clock’s significance had been largely marginalized, and society today has all but forgotten what it was to live under the threat of nuclear winter.  It’s amazing what a few short years can do to the psyche of a culture, but in all honesty, the world is just as threatened by the likes of North Korea, Pakistan, and quite possibly Iran in the near term possessing nuclear weapons.

In any event, at some point in recent past the organization responsible for the Atomic Clock decided marginalization was for the dogs and they climbed aboard the “Climate Change” bandwagon.  The Atomic Clock was always a bit of a political stunt, yet it wasn’t tied to a specific mindset or political ideology.  That simply isn’t the case with “Climate Change”, and so whatever relevance remained for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is now completely gone with the political theater unleashed upon the world yesterday.  Not one single study or model has to this day been able to accurately predict climate.  In fact even the most ardent supporters of “Climate Change” hysteria begrudgingly admit they can’t explain why the dire consequences they’ve trumpeted for years have not been realized.  And now the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, founded on the threat of Nuclear annihilation, is alerting us that humanity’s destruction is now closer because we simpletons will not accept the word of our betters.

Some people just don’t realize when their time in the sun has passed.

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