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United States need only look to Greece as the example

In as much as I would like to, I can’t feel a bit of sympathy for the Greeks.  The Greeks have enjoyed one of Europe’s greatest socialist economies for generations, including generous retirement benefits to many at ages as low as 50.  The baseline retirement system, and the patchwork implementation are largely responsible for running up the annual deficits Greece encounters in order to subsidize the socialist lifestyle the Greeks have come to expect.  But the Greek retirement system is not the only culprit responsible for the economic misery Greece is currently experiencing.  Low economic output, workforce inefficiency and low productivity, and lax tax collection are equally to blame as any individual with any level of economics knowledge will tell you that you can’t borrow your way to prosperity forever.  Eventually the bill comes due, and when your economy is preeminently sluggish there will come a point where it’s not able to produce enough wealth to support the outlays.  Greece has come to such a point in time.  To deny economic reality for generations is the rope with which the noose that is now around their collective necks was made. 

Greece has twice voted to increase the national retirement age in recent years to address some of their economic problems, though not without rioting and property destruction in reprisal.  The expectation of entitlements is so ingrained at this point in Greek society that it will take generations to change, if it’s even possible at this point.  It’s really no surprise at all that Greeks don’t understand the economic realities that currently face them, and that they actually blame Germany and France for their current misery.   It’s also no great surprise that people used to massive entitlements expect others to foot the bill for lavish spending and have no say in how their money is spent.   Sounds eerily familiar to the discourse in today’s United States, does it not?

I think most would agree that some level of social safety net is a hallmark of any great nation, yet one must never forget that ultimately benefits that are given to citizens are only possible off the back of others.  Government has to take from others in order to provide entitlements, which may be as natural a thought in some places in Europe but in the United States has not been.  In the United States, our form of government is predicated on such notions of private property, limited government accountable to the people who consent to be governed, and the right to freedom.   With each passing year those founding principles are further forgotten by a people forced to undergo the public school indoctrination system.   Yet that same system inculcates a mindset that government is the answer to all of society’s ills.  We, like the Greeks, are coming to believe that we can have everything and it will cost nothing.  And like the Greeks, our annual deficit is now over 100% of our GDP.  Congratulations America, look to Greece for what is in store for you.

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