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Obama pays off Teachers Unions by gutting No Child Left Behind

The Obama administration shouldn’t insult our intelligence by insisting the gutting No Child Left Behind was done for any other reason than relieving the pressure School Administrations in underperforming states were under.  Teacher Unions have been screaming from the rooftops since before the law was signed, because it would shine a bright light on the horrific performance of teachers in many cases.  Many States didn’t like the law because there were teeth to the law, and the States didn’t want to have to make the truly hard decisions the law would force them to make.  Despite the fact that the Federal Government has no business in education at all, the Federal Government is involved; sending our tax dollars to states that have zero real accountability and whom pass students along from grade to grade in a giant conveyor system.  Students who graduate to eventually go onto their careers in the fast food industry.

Back will be the days where we have absolutely no measurable means of performance.  States and Teachers Unions will blather about their systems that instill excellence in education, all along knowing they’re simply collecting paychecks and dooming most of the youth they see to a life of under achievement.

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