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So about those peaceful Muslims

September 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I believe deeply in freedom of religion, and though I may be in the minority on this as a religious man myself, I have never felt the need or desire to proselytize.  I’ve always been happy to discuss religion with someone if they ask but other than that I feel its a private topic.  And I’ve never felt hatred or disappointment toward others who have different religious tendencies or affiliations than myself.  I particularly never understood the “troubles”, as they were euphemistically called in Ireland either, though I absolutely understood historically how they came about.  Those troubles might have started for purely religious reasons but by the 1970’s and 1980’s why in the world did anyone still care about what someone else, let alone an entire population believed?  Ignoring the fact that the “troubles” really weren’t about religion at that point.

Which brings me to the “peaceful” Muslims of the world.  While I’m certainly under no miscomprehension that other religions haven’t visited their own ills upon the world, of all of the worlds religions Islam is perhaps the one that most propagates violence by its adherents.  Though President Obama spares no effort to remind us of how peaceful the Muslim world is, the rest of the world knows better.   There may be few things in life that are certain, but it’s completely predictable that Islamic adherents the world over will erupt into frothing mayhem whenever someone disparages Islam.  Such has been the case recently when a privately produced filmed titled the innocence of Muslims was posted to YouTube.  The riots, murder and property destruction are still on going, but it’s about to erupt anew as a French Newspaper printed Muhammad cartoons this morning prompting France to close some 20 embassys until the violence subsides. 

President Obama’s reaction to the murder of the our Diplomat and personnel in Libya, and attacks on our embassies in Egypt and other countries was to condemn the free expression of thought here at home.  Instead of condemning the violence, and a religion and those that perpetrate it, President Obama instead blames the victims.  Does President Obama also blame rape victims as well?

Its long past time that a spade is called a spade.  Islam is a violent religion.  If all it takes is to post a cartoon of Muhammad to be published, or to talk about the violence perpetrated by Muslims around the world to cause a fresh wave of violence and murder then we need to seriously look at why that is.  There may be millions of peaceful Muslims, but that isn’t the issue at hand.  When there are millions of Muslims that are violent and when a majority of the world’s violence is occurring in and around those countries where Islam is most prevalent how can you look at that and not see the correlations?

Michelle Obama might believe the greatest threat to our national security is obesity but the more sane of us know it’s Islam and fanatical Muslims.

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The things people say when they think no one is listening

Not that a Michael Bloomberg endorcement would be anything to desire as a Republican, but in a candid moment when Michael Bloomberg lets slip that Mitt Romney would be a better President than Barack Obama?  You know that must have had a few tongues wagging in the west wing!  Of course Bloomberg is only saying what a lot of Democrats of thinking, even if they can’t say it publicly.  So now can we Republicans start saying to Democrats that if they don’t vote for Mitt Romney that they are Religious Bigots?

Voting with my Wallet

The level of stupidity of the average liberal entertainer never ceases to amaze me. At the same time they both scream for the government to protect their right to vomit whatever their few brain cells can muster, and for the government to stop others from speaking out in response. It’s a hypocrisy of giant proportion. A condition undoubtedly brought about by something in the Californian water.

Evidently those towering intellects of the left coast don’t realize the same right to spew stupidity is the same right accorded to others which enables them to register their displeasure; to judge. Evidently it never occurred to some of those geniuses that when your livelihood is entertainment and relies on the positive impressions of others, you might not want to antagonize a hefty percentage of the public with your partisan political agenda.

Which brings me to my point. Liberals are always threatening boycotts and it’s about time they reap what they’ve sown. It’s high time we conservatives stop funding liberal entertainers and the Hollywood entertainment machine.  Ever dollar we provide it is used against us, and I see no reason to enrich those who revile the very principles this country was founded upon and which we conservatives cherish.  Let us teach those on the left they can spit upon out institutions, our country, and our beliefs but they won’t get rich doing it.

As an example I’ve stopped purchasing music by groups who actively attacked the right.  Likewise I’ve stopped seeing movies, watching TV shows or series, and purchasing DVDs with active left leaning actors and actresses.  And I’ve stopped purchasing books from authors who actively campaign against my principles.  I encourage others to do the same.  I’d rather do without than see another single dollar of mine find its way to the wallets of the likes of Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and others.

My Liberal Cousin is the Poster Child of Liberalism

Many families have their pockets of liberals, and I have mine too.  But the one family liberal that drives me the craziest is my cousin – we’ll call him Eugene.  He’s the youngest son of a dear Aunt of mine, who is many years younger than me, and hence not someone I am very close with.  Yet we talk and are on pretty good terms with one another.  We’re on Facebook together, we follow each other on Twitter and Text back and forth every now and again.  But to be honest, that’s about as far as I can go because he drives me insane.  I’ve been near to de-friending him on Facebook numerous times because of his liberal ramblings, that are often quite horrendous.  He’s the typical liberal who relishes being as condescending, and scandalous as possible.   A lot of what he writes is plain offensive, and I know at least one other family member has de-friended him on Facebook because of it.

He’s family, what can I say?  I haven’t de-friended him.  Instead I simply ignore his postings, but occasionally he posts something that just strikes me so wrong that I simply can’t ignore it.  Such was the case this past week.  Eugene is an OWS supporter, and deeply believes in the liberal mantra that that the world owes him everything.  Including a college education, a home, a job, and everything in between.  And he doesn’t believe that he should have to work for any of it.  He is a few years out of High School and had started attending a local community college immediately after, but dropped out because his grades were horrible and something about ineligibility for more student aid because of defaulting on previous loans.  Instead of doing his class work and earning good grades, he did drugs and partied.

He’s in a terrible bind because he has no job skills to speak of, and can find no work other than minimum wage, bottom of the ladder work.  He was working two jobs until recently, but was just furloughed this past week from one of them for at least 60 days and is now worried he won’t be able to pay his rent and his car payment.  But from reading his posts all week you’d think he was fired.  Mainly because he said he was.  I had to ask him why he was fired, half expecting to to hear a story of disrespect toward his manager or some such.  Again, mainly because of all the horrible things he writes about her.  From his writing on Facebook I have this horrible picture of him flipping her off on a daily basis, and punctuating it all with a tirade of profanity.  He wasn’t actually fired, but was chosen to be furlough and he’s taking it out on the world.  Instead of blaming his particular situation on his previous actions — having to drop out of school and current ineligibility to receive more financial aid — he condemns his employer and capitalism.  Instead of blaming his lack of initiative to gain more marketable job skills while he was employed, he doubles down on the Occupy Wall Street nonsense.  As if the banking industry had anything to do with his sloth.

That is the one thing that strikes me the most of liberalism.  Liberalism pays no credence to personal responsibility.  Liberalism allows no personal faults.  Liberalism demands tolerances of the liberal, but refuses to be tolerant of dissenting opinion or belief.  Liberalism is the philosophy of envy.  Envy of anyone that has worked hard and achieved more than the liberal.  And liberalism is the philosophy of thievery.  How else could you possibly describe the advocation of forcibly taking from one to give to another?

Such a striking difference between Eugene and his older brother, who graduated college and is now nearly two years into what is looking to be a promising career.  In Eugene’s brother just accepted a higher paying job in California and will be moving there within the next few weeks.  Life is looking up for the conservative brother who buckled down and is doing what he needs to be doing to get ahead in life.  Not so much for his younger brother, who instead is blaming the rest of us for his misfortune.

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Please tell me Democrats are truly not this stupid?

I know its a rhetorical questions, but come on?  Really?

“The power to decide whether or not to use contraception lies with a woman, not her boss,” Sen. Gillibrand said.

“It’s time to tell those Republicans mind you’re own business,” Sen. Lautenberg said.

Please tell me Democrats know that women actually do have the right to purchase their own health insurance now. Please tell me Democrats understand the difference between forcing religious institutions to directly or indirectly provide elements of healthcare that run counter to to their religious tenets; and someone employed by said institution going out and purchasing her own insurance.  Please tell me Americans are not stupid enough to fall for this.

Beyond that there is an entire layer of irony here too.  First, an entire political party that champions “Separation of Church and State” using the State to intrude in a religious affair; and secondly the Catholic church that supported Obamacare now complaining because it was impacted in a way unforeseen.  Dance with the devil….

United States need only look to Greece as the example

In as much as I would like to, I can’t feel a bit of sympathy for the Greeks.  The Greeks have enjoyed one of Europe’s greatest socialist economies for generations, including generous retirement benefits to many at ages as low as 50.  The baseline retirement system, and the patchwork implementation are largely responsible for running up the annual deficits Greece encounters in order to subsidize the socialist lifestyle the Greeks have come to expect.  But the Greek retirement system is not the only culprit responsible for the economic misery Greece is currently experiencing.  Low economic output, workforce inefficiency and low productivity, and lax tax collection are equally to blame as any individual with any level of economics knowledge will tell you that you can’t borrow your way to prosperity forever.  Eventually the bill comes due, and when your economy is preeminently sluggish there will come a point where it’s not able to produce enough wealth to support the outlays.  Greece has come to such a point in time.  To deny economic reality for generations is the rope with which the noose that is now around their collective necks was made. 

Greece has twice voted to increase the national retirement age in recent years to address some of their economic problems, though not without rioting and property destruction in reprisal.  The expectation of entitlements is so ingrained at this point in Greek society that it will take generations to change, if it’s even possible at this point.  It’s really no surprise at all that Greeks don’t understand the economic realities that currently face them, and that they actually blame Germany and France for their current misery.   It’s also no great surprise that people used to massive entitlements expect others to foot the bill for lavish spending and have no say in how their money is spent.   Sounds eerily familiar to the discourse in today’s United States, does it not?

I think most would agree that some level of social safety net is a hallmark of any great nation, yet one must never forget that ultimately benefits that are given to citizens are only possible off the back of others.  Government has to take from others in order to provide entitlements, which may be as natural a thought in some places in Europe but in the United States has not been.  In the United States, our form of government is predicated on such notions of private property, limited government accountable to the people who consent to be governed, and the right to freedom.   With each passing year those founding principles are further forgotten by a people forced to undergo the public school indoctrination system.   Yet that same system inculcates a mindset that government is the answer to all of society’s ills.  We, like the Greeks, are coming to believe that we can have everything and it will cost nothing.  And like the Greeks, our annual deficit is now over 100% of our GDP.  Congratulations America, look to Greece for what is in store for you.

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President Obama is responsible for OWS violence

President Obama has made it clear he stands with the OWS movement and believes in the “principles” they espouse.  Despite, of course, that the collective movement has released a dizzying array of “demands” which any sane person would look at and ignore for the utter tripe those demands are.  However, President Obama stands behind the movement.  As do a number of prominent Democrats, unions, and liberal social organizations.  President Obama has gone so far as to turn his Saturday morning speeches, and other public statements into platforms to offer additional support.  So President Obama, don’t be true to form now by backing away from the violence your children are committing.  Own it.

Of course the OWS movement has been committing various minor crimes all over the country since early on, but has witnessed more periodic serious crimes at various locations during the past few weeks.  And the last few days in Oakland, California has been nothing short of atrocious.  Those riots are what the Democrat party stands for.  Those riots are what President Obama espouses.  Those children are the spoiled, whiney liberals that want the productive part of the country to work hard so they can sit back and continue to collect the hand outs government has given to them all their lives.  Own it Mr. President.

I never again want to hear a single word uttered from the left, or from the left’s main stream media lackeys about the Tea Party.  Never was there a single act of violence at any of the Tea Party events, nor did any Tea Party group ever demand the government forcibly take anything from anyone else to give to them.  Nor did any Tea Party group ever demand the government practice class warfare.  I am so disgusted with the media, liberals, and President Obama in particular.

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