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So about those peaceful Muslims

September 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I believe deeply in freedom of religion, and though I may be in the minority on this as a religious man myself, I have never felt the need or desire to proselytize.  I’ve always been happy to discuss religion with someone if they ask but other than that I feel its a private topic.  And I’ve never felt hatred or disappointment toward others who have different religious tendencies or affiliations than myself.  I particularly never understood the “troubles”, as they were euphemistically called in Ireland either, though I absolutely understood historically how they came about.  Those troubles might have started for purely religious reasons but by the 1970’s and 1980’s why in the world did anyone still care about what someone else, let alone an entire population believed?  Ignoring the fact that the “troubles” really weren’t about religion at that point.

Which brings me to the “peaceful” Muslims of the world.  While I’m certainly under no miscomprehension that other religions haven’t visited their own ills upon the world, of all of the worlds religions Islam is perhaps the one that most propagates violence by its adherents.  Though President Obama spares no effort to remind us of how peaceful the Muslim world is, the rest of the world knows better.   There may be few things in life that are certain, but it’s completely predictable that Islamic adherents the world over will erupt into frothing mayhem whenever someone disparages Islam.  Such has been the case recently when a privately produced filmed titled the innocence of Muslims was posted to YouTube.  The riots, murder and property destruction are still on going, but it’s about to erupt anew as a French Newspaper printed Muhammad cartoons this morning prompting France to close some 20 embassys until the violence subsides. 

President Obama’s reaction to the murder of the our Diplomat and personnel in Libya, and attacks on our embassies in Egypt and other countries was to condemn the free expression of thought here at home.  Instead of condemning the violence, and a religion and those that perpetrate it, President Obama instead blames the victims.  Does President Obama also blame rape victims as well?

Its long past time that a spade is called a spade.  Islam is a violent religion.  If all it takes is to post a cartoon of Muhammad to be published, or to talk about the violence perpetrated by Muslims around the world to cause a fresh wave of violence and murder then we need to seriously look at why that is.  There may be millions of peaceful Muslims, but that isn’t the issue at hand.  When there are millions of Muslims that are violent and when a majority of the world’s violence is occurring in and around those countries where Islam is most prevalent how can you look at that and not see the correlations?

Michelle Obama might believe the greatest threat to our national security is obesity but the more sane of us know it’s Islam and fanatical Muslims.

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Please tell me Democrats are truly not this stupid?

I know its a rhetorical questions, but come on?  Really?

“The power to decide whether or not to use contraception lies with a woman, not her boss,” Sen. Gillibrand said.

“It’s time to tell those Republicans mind you’re own business,” Sen. Lautenberg said.

Please tell me Democrats know that women actually do have the right to purchase their own health insurance now. Please tell me Democrats understand the difference between forcing religious institutions to directly or indirectly provide elements of healthcare that run counter to to their religious tenets; and someone employed by said institution going out and purchasing her own insurance.  Please tell me Americans are not stupid enough to fall for this.

Beyond that there is an entire layer of irony here too.  First, an entire political party that champions “Separation of Church and State” using the State to intrude in a religious affair; and secondly the Catholic church that supported Obamacare now complaining because it was impacted in a way unforeseen.  Dance with the devil….

Will the Middle East explode?

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Remember the Arab Spring?  The Arab Spring that is beginning to look like radical Islamists might soon be taking on larger roles in Egypt, Libya (and), and perhaps Tunisia. The same Arab Spring that caused massive destabilization in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia?  Well, that Arab Spring might look like a side show in the coming weeks as the Palestinian Authority takes to the United Nations to seek unilateral statehood.  The United States is in a political bind as the Obama Administration has already endorsed statehood based on the 1967 boundaries and is running smack into the issue of that policy’s unpopularity here in the U.S. and how it affects the Democrat chance of retaining the Jewish vote in 2012.   Obama and the Democrats can not lose the Jewish vote under any circumstance, so what are they to do?  Strong arm the Palestinian Authority into retreat of course.

Except the PA isn’t retreating and the U.S. has had to issue veiled threats that it will use it’s U.N. veto power to stop the U.N. from taking any action beyond issuing statements of support.  Saudi Arabia has stated there will be strong repercussions if the U.S. does stand in the way.  You can rest assured that virtually every other Arab nation will stand with Saudi Arabia in condemning the United States.  And we can rest assured that there will be massive unrest throughout a region already destabilized, directed squarely at the U.S. and at the Middle-East’s governments that are close to us.  A veto by the U.S. will be a defining moment used by every radical Islamic group to recruit and effect political change in countries we rely on as strategic allies.  It’ll be a long-term disaster and could lead to a new level of terrorist activity.

And every bit of it because the Obama administration’s bungling of America’s foreign policy.  Amateur hour in the White House will cost us much more blood, tears, and treasure in the years to come.

Is Justice Breyer the lefts new champion?

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

For 30 years the left has undertaken a jihad against anything resembling “intolerance”, except of course when it was their own.  The left, always looking to advance the cause of those who think art includes urinating on religious items, or who cherish burning the American flag, or that government should slowly take economic control away from the people and become the great provider, are now plastering anyone finding the building of a Mosque (called Cordoba no less) at Ground Zero as inappropriate with the derogatory term of ‘Islamaphobic’.  Apparently tolerance only works in a left-ward manner because there certainly is no tolerance of traditional values and institutions to be seen from the political left.

In as much as I am disgusted by the complete lack of civility from the left and constant drumbeat to erase our societal and cultural history in the United States, this story brings an entirely new chill to my spine.  The slippery slope is starting to look like a cliff, over which there simply is no return.  When Supreme Court Justices start publicly opining that burning Korans might just be unconstitutional you can’t but wonder what’s come of our great nation.  Of course Justice Breyer didn’t actually say that burning the Koran was unconstitutional, but the very notion of entertaining such a thought should bring everyone to a standstill.  Think about what Justice Breyer’s comments could mean.  Taken to a logical conclusion what he is saying is that in todays age Constitutional protections might not cover speech or actions that many others might find offensive.  Could that not cover just about anything?  Especially conservative notions the left finds offensive?  But what about what the Supreme Court has already said about offending others with speech (see)?  Forget about the Fairness Doctrine, the left won’t need to force business to give free air time to their issues if they can get the Supreme Court to silence vast territory of speech in this manner.

More and more the United States is becoming a government by mob instead of government by law.  The word of law means less and less every year as the intent and meaning of a law are so often abrogated by the politics of the moment.  Does not the last 20 months show us that we have to rise up and take back our country?  Does not the last 20 months show us that it is a mistake to reach out to Liberals?  If our history and culture means anything to you at all, then vote in November, and vote for those who cleave to our guiding principles.  And never fail to vote in the future.  Hot Air has a piece up that talks more about Breyer’s comments.

What was that about Islam being peaceful again?

Apparently if you disagree that Islam is nothing more than peaceful you should be beheaded.  Beheading is such a peaceful way to settle the issue, afterall.


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