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Zeituni Onyango was taken advantage of by the system

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Where does entitlement mentality come from?  Seriously?  We are the greatest country on Earth and should accept immigrants, but that doesn’t mean we should have open borders and accept anyone that decides they want to come live here and take advantage of our economic system.  Zeituni Onyango disagrees with me apparently.

If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.

We apparently have an obligation to accept her, make her a ward of the state and supplement her life with our tax dollars even if she has no job skills and can contribute nothing to our country.  This is the entitlement mentality we’re up against here, that is the basis for so much that is destroying our country today.  We’re a charitable people and believe in caring for others, but that charitability obviously can not be unlimited and seeing such arrogant ingratitude like this can’t but make one reevaluate just how far that belief personally extends.

“Aunti” embodies the very worst of the immigrant cliché.  Instead of sympathizing with someone who took advantage of our national generosity and who ultimately was able to game our system, we should post her face on billboards across the country as an example of what we should be fighting against.

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