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2012 was the beginning of the end

I won’t lie, the November election was a stinging defeat for Republicans.  Only about 1 million more voters voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 than voted for John McCain in 2008, which is completely dumbfounding considering the polls leading up to the election and the state of the economy under Obama’s first term.  And that on top of the blow the Supreme Court gave to the American people which removed all pretense that government was the servant of the people.  Looking back over these last several months I’ve come to the realization that I simply do not recognize this country any longer.

We as a people are irredeemably envious of everyone around us, spoiled, materialistic, ignorant — of history, of principle, of human nature –, and simply deserve everything we get from this point forward.  We are all now slaves to government; a government that restricts and removes our rights and our privacy more and more each day.  A government that punishes success and rewards failure.  A government that divides us and sets one upon another.  And half of the country applauds and asks for more.  Our media lavishes praise on and proclaims the very cancer as the “second coming“.

Obama is no second coming, rather he’s the beginning of the end.  Obama’s ballyhooed change is all around us.  The economy hasn’t recovered from the recession and threat of a double dip is very real because those running the government today do not believe in the very economic forces that drive the economy.  Businesses all around the country have reacted and are cutting back the hours of their employees and converting full time jobs to part time jobs in order to skirt around Obamacare laws.  Action that will only exacerbate the economic troubles our country continues to face.  When combined with the reality of a dwindling workforce and its impact on entitlement spending and the national budget one can’t look at the state of our nation today and feel anything but a deep foreboding.


Admittance of Media Bias and Denial

Just occasionally you actually hear someone *in* the main stream media admit what the rest of us already know.  Or at least the rest of us who are not left leaning wing nuts who benefit from the media bias.  I’ve seen statistics that something like 70-80% of journalists identify as, and vote Democrat.  So it was surprising and gratifying to see Les Moonves of CBS make this public assertion recently.  Not so happy to see him duck back into the closet of denial again however.  Les, you can trust me when I say this.  CBS is partisan, and is biased just like ABC and NBC.

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Washington Post to now vet the President?

Excuse me for guffawing Washington Post, but the horses are already out of the barn.  Vetting the President in the run up to his second term doesn’t eradicate or even lessen the harm President Obama has done to this country.  And you, along with the majority of the other liberal media, are to blame for it.  Please save us the self-aggrandizement regarding how you’re going to perform the very function now that you should have performed in 2007 and 2008.

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Liberals really are smaller

Remember the liberal pundits saying they could “gather a crowd” as large as Beck’s?  Photo gratuitously lifted from President Obama’s conservative cousin.  First question when I saw this picture earlier today was when were they both taken.  Good thing he answers that question for us.  How many liberal groups tried to out out-organize Glen Beck?

Repeal of Obamacare will be hard but Republican leaders are playing it sly

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

I realize the Politico article was written specifically about what a Republican Congress intended to do to repeal Obamacare, and how it could go about it.  But I dislike pieces like this because it only tells half the story.  Indeed, there is a very long row to walk before we could get to total repeal, but there are also some extraordinary circumstances on the Republican side that will help along the way.  The little detail that Obamacare is unconstitutional and will eventually be struck down in whole, or in part, by the Supreme Court.  And everyone knows the Republicans are playing both sides of the fence on this one.  Or more accurately, some Republicans are.  Neither of which is addressed in the piece.

Many of the top Republican leaders will do the bare minimum to repeal Obamacare in order to appease the Tea Partiers, yet will not take the hard stance of making it into a knock-down, drag-out fight on the floor of the House and Senate.  Instead they’re waiting for the Supreme Court to do the real dirty work for them.  If it’s over-turned outright they get to crow about how they stood firm in the face of a President who hasn’t a clue what our nation stands for.  And if its struck down only in part, they can reassess and work from there.  It’s pragmatic yet cowardly in my view considering the out-pouring of anger that it and unlimited spending and debt have uncovered.

Permeating and perpetuating this cowardice is the Republican party’s desire to be “liked”.  The party as a whole realizes the main stream media will never give us a fair shake in a debate and that often colors not only the actions we take, but the words we choose to describe our actions.  Better off would we all be if we got over it already and stopped playing nice.  Have we learned nothing from the Democrats?  They’re not the least interested in playing nice with us and compromising, so why are we?

In fact the Democrats have shined the light on a lesson we should be learning.  Politics is no longer about right and wrong, or principle.  It’s about numbers and nothing more.  It’s long past time we got in their proverbial faces and simply did what we thought we ought, instead of what we thought we could get away with.  If after two years our Republican leaders haven’t seen into the heart of the Tea Party movement and understood it for what it is, they don’t deserve to be our leaders.  If they also think they can tip-toe around Obamacare and a Presidential agenda that at its core is all about the systematic destruction of an entire way of life, then not only do they not deserve to be called our leaders, they don’t deserve to be in Washington at all. 

We want real conviction.  We want real steel.  You’ve heard us, now act.

If a Republican had said this

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Close your eyes and imagine that someone in President Bush’s administration had said this.  Then imagine the deafening silence of the main stream media.  Hard to imagine, is it not?  Example after example and the so-called protectors of Democracy never accept they’ve lost their way.

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Larry Elder on Glenn Beck and charges of racism

September 3, 2010 1 comment

Glen Beck is another of the “darlings” that the main stream media and other liberal opponents have denigrated, but most especially recently as Glenn Beck dared — DARED I SAY! — use the occasion of the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech, to promote Martin Luther King’s racial equality and spiritual ideals to promote — get this — racial equality, and spiritualism in today’s America.  How dare he!

I have to say I’m completely lost on the left’s outrage.  I simply don’t understand it, as no one on the left seemed to mind Louis Farrakhan, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, from organizing and conducting his “Million Man March” in 1995.  I remember well the press coverage at the time when his controversial statements and attitudes were brought out by the right and literally ignored by the left.  I remember at the time too the mantra was “judge the message, not the man”.  So what’s changed with the left?  Why now is all thought of “judge the message, not the man” thrown out the window?  Is it because it’s a white man and a Conservative, that is trying to bring the country together?  That couldn’t be it, because we all know that those on the left who constantly preach the necessity for tolerance, can’t be racist.

Yet racism is the card the left has turned to more and more often since 2000 when the left begin to lose all of their dignity, and credibility in it’s use running television ads against then candidate George W. Bush, blaming him for the death of James Byrd.  And the charges of racism are coming faster and faster, from many on the left.  It’s as if the racism charges are being orchestrated, or something.

So heres poor Glenn Beck.  Like his politics or not, his August 28th rally in DC — the Restoring Honor rally — was billed a non-political and was meant to be a spiritual and inclusive event.  An event that was meant to make people think and to reclaim the memory of not only the founders but also the meaning of Martin Luther King’s dream.  The left could not allow someone like Glenn Beck to evoke the memory and message of someone like Martin Luther King, that they claim as theirs, and theirs alone.  No indeed, as Al Sharpton of all people launched his own counter-rally called “reclaim the dream” where many claims of racism were made.

Yet in all of this back and forth the one thing I haven’t heard is how, exactly, Glenn Beck is racist.  Larry Elder published an enlightening article on the subject that lays the left and these claims of racism on Glenn Beck bare.  I say the left, and especially these people making these ridiculous charges, should be utterly ashamed of themselves.  If the ideal is to be completely color blind, they are the ones most standing in the way of that.

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